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Wednesday, December 06, 2017

How To Make Money Using Zoranus (100% Tested)

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How To Make Money Using Zoranus(100% Tested)

Hello all,its December a time of love,and this is the period where you need money most to start shopping for Christmas,and its also the time to invest and make profits that will benefit you in 2018.

So today i will be showing you how to make money using Zoranus.

But before i go further i would like to tell you more about the company,and a brief description about it.

About Zoranus

Zoranus is an online community designed to reduce or terminate poverty in Africa.

They have setup serveral schemes to help their members earn money either by investing or participating in any of their
online games.

Online game:
Members of zoranus earn everyday by picking numbers which could earn them from 1k to 50k whenever they pick the right number.

Credits are required to participate in this online game.

When you refer a new user, you'll get 5% cash bonus plus 100 credits whenever that user makes a withdrawal.

What They Offer
If you have a unique business idea that can improve the financial status of your country or the living standard of individuals or you lack capital to implement it,you can contact zoranus and they would arrange an appointment with you in order to finance and establish your idea.

So its not something to be scared about,its secure and trusted worldwide,and you don't have to pay a dime to get started.

After registering you will be giving N1000 bonus which you will use to invest and earn
extra,then if you wish to continue you invest more earn more,thats how it works.

How To Make Money Using Zoranus(100% Tested)

Zoranus Categories

(GUARANTEE):do you have an idle cash you would love to invest? you can invest with them and get 5% of your investment monthly.

Then after six months your capital
would be returned to you, then you can reinvest if you want.

The minimum for this
offer is ₦500,000 and there is no maximum amount to invest

Get 30% of your investment in 7 days.
Let Zoranus invest for you and return 30% profit plus your capital in 7 days.
The minimum is ₦1,000 and the maximum is ₦500,000.

Also be informed that the profit rate could increase or decrease daily.

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How To Get started

==>Goto www.zoranus.com

==>Next,you should see a form telling you to enter your,Username,Full name,and
password,see image below
How To Make Money Using Zoranus(100% Tested)

==>After registering you will be taken to your dashboard where you will be prompt to CHOOSE A PIN,DATE OF BIRTH,FILL IN YOUR

After filling all of this you are set to earn,but take note without a Referral ID you can not activate the account.

So in order to activate the account use this number as your referral ID 1610.

After inserting the Referral ID to the required box,then click on Activate account,and thats all,you are set and ready to earn big.

How to fund your investment account?

Take note of your unique ID found on your dashboard then contact any zoranus agents.

So what are you waiting for??,
join zoranus now!!!
*with Zoranus, financial freedom is possible*

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