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Monday, October 09, 2017

A Sure-Swags

Advocate gang are back again with another cool song,but this time its a Solo:its titled 

                            -Album title;Black and White/Advocate Gang

                                    -Music Genre:RnB,Afropop,Hi­phop

                                            Click here to Download the song


                        DOWNLOAD NOW

See the lyrics below:
swag it up 3x

JESUS boi in the gucci store
repping christ with ma new swags
everybody be like

I got JESUS in ma dna
repping christ aint ashamed of it
got swag dan the world knows
wen i pull up den dey scream


turning up yea with GODS grace
as goodness and mercy dey follow me yarn dey say dem go dey to the final lap make i farabale with the christ like SWAGS.

turning up as a fine boi
putting suit on the ankara
wearing pam on the fine lace
wen i show up
people be like

i got JESUS in ma dna
repping christ aint ashamed of it
got swags dan d whole knows
wen i pull up dem dey scream


i be repping for christ
i be bringing the swags
i be thanking the LORD
i be bringing the tithes
i be dressing for christ
i be repping for christ
i be doing it clean
just to make the LORD proud 2x

dressing and swaging for christ
making dis niggas always wondering how am a young child in the manger as u wise men be giving me cash,uh am working and floating on swags

u niggas want to hop in and u drown
multiply the swags and give u d crumps
dat is for the devil fingers for yall


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